The Orchestral Score from Baz's Lurhmann's Film "The Great Gatsby" is one of three albums tied into the 2013 film adaption. It features the entire orchestral score, composed by Craig Armstrong, along with samples from the official soundtrack. It is available for purchase on iTunes. 


The album consits of orchestra music, arranged by Armstrong. Many of the songs contain samples from the offical soundtrack. Some of these are very obvious, while others are hard to detect at first. Some parts were also scored by The xx, who added the guitar samples from "Together".

Track listEdit

1. Overture and Sanitarium (feat. The Bryan Ferry Orchestra and The xx )

2. Buchanan Mansion and Daisy Suite 

3. Green Light (feat. The xx) [Contains an instrumental sample of "Heart's a Mess"]

4. Hotel Sayre (feat. Lana Del Rey)

5. All Lit up

6. Two Minutes to Four and Reunited (feat. Lana Del Rey )

7. Cello Theme

8. You Kept My Letters

9. Dream Violin

10. Beautiful Shirts and Dan Cody (feat. The Bryan Ferry Orchestra and The xx )

11. Magic Tree and I let Myself Go (feat. Lana Del Rey)

12. Castle Went Dark (feat. The xx)

13. Let's Go to Town

14. Dead Myrtle

15. The Night He Told Me Everything

16. Gatsby's Death and Portico [contains instrumental samples of "Into the Past " by Nero ]

17. Boats Against the Current and Daisy's Theme (feat. The Bryan Ferry Orchestra)